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Vujovich is back with another event!

Wishes and More Gala 2024


For the past three years, Vujovich Design Build has participated in the annual Wishes & More Winter Gala. This Minnesota-based charity puts on an event each year that raises the bar every time. You may remember Vujovich's participation in the Heads and Tails booth at the gala in previous years, and this year was one for the books! This year was Wishes and More's 20th Anniversary and what better way to celebrate than a look back through the Eras tour if you may. Not only was it their 20th-year celebration, but they also just granted their 2,000th wish!    

This year, Vujovich Design Build brought to life three past themes including Beach, Superheroes, and Wild About Wishes.  A three-sided square was outfitted with shiny backdrops, a balloon arch, and plenty of spaces for guests to take photos and show off their props and outfits. It was a wonderful year of celebration but more importantly, raising money to help children and their families during a difficult time in their life. Throughout the night, we heard a consistent refrain from wish kids who were once battling their diagnosis, are now standing as thriving individuals. They expressed how Wishes and More provided hope and joy during their difficult times, illuminating their futures with promise.  

Wishes & More began in 2004 to fill the gaps of other wish-granting charities that serve children with terminal and life-threatening conditions. The goal of the organization is to provide these wishes to children struggling with illnesses and provide hopeful hearts, happy memories, and assistance to those who love them. Wishes and More is an organization that can connect with the kids and families that they work with on a deeper level. Beyond the wish, Wishes and More helps support the family with a scholarship for higher education for every wish child and financial relief for families who experience the loss of a child before they were granted their wish.    

There are many ways that Wishes and More grants and fulfills wishes but they also go above and beyond filling gaps that may be forgotten by other organizations. These include:  

  • Wishes for kids from birth to nineteen years of age  

  • ALL types of wishes are granted including outdoor sporting activities such as hunting and fishing.  

  • Scholarships of Hope that provide hope for the child’s future.  

  • Memorial Grant and monetary gift to families who lost a child before they could experience a wish.  

  • Staying in touch and helping to support the family as once you are a “wish kid,” you are always a “wish kid.”  

The president, Karla Blomberg, has served as their volunteer president for over 20 years. The experience that she carries, along with the other team members of Wishes and More, is what makes this a solid foundation to serve children in Minnesota. Vujovich is lucky to be a part of an organization that is community-focused; and provides support for children with life-threatening conditions.  

For more information on Wishes and More and ways to help, please visit: 


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