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What’s Old is New – Butler Pantries

Lately, there is one space that we are being asked to incorporate more and more often into our designs. A butler’s pantry!

Originally a butler’s pantry was just that, a small dedicated space off the kitchen used and often slept in by the butler!


Originally a butler’s pantry was just that, a small dedicated space off the kitchen used and often slept in by the butler. The butler slept there to guard the family heirlooms, crystal, and fine silverware owned by the family of the house. This is so very Downton Abbey. But rest assured that you do not need a butler in order to require the use of a butler’s pantry in your home.

All you need is a handful of small appliances, an extra set of dishes for the holidays, or maybe just a desire to keep the dirty dishes behind closed doors when you’re entertaining. That is how the idea of the butler’s pantry gained popularity in recent years. Who doesn’t need more space to tuck things out of plain sight?

Modern butler’s pantries are often small, but highly efficient spaces that provide an auxiliary spot off the kitchen or dining room for storage, food preparation, and cleanup. This can be especially important for homeowners who prefer to keep their main kitchen area tidied up while they are entertaining large groups or even managing everyday family life.

When deciding whether or not to incorporate a butler’s pantry into your remodel, it is first important to determine what purpose your butler's pantry will serve.

If you are most in need of extra storage for bulk items, small appliances such as countertop mixer, coffee pot, toaster oven, microwave; then you may want a pantry with simple finishes such as open shelving for baskets, bins, and a door to close off to the main kitchen.

If you have accumulated a stunning collection of crystal stemware, heirloom dinnerware, fine silver that you would like to display and use along with various serving trays and a buffet countertop for appetizers and desserts then a butler’s pantry open to the dining room or kitchen which has custom cabinetry, quartz countertops, and glass inserts in well-lit upper cabinets to display your treasures.

The third option is often for the entertainers who opt for a full-size wine refrigerator, ice maker, beverage fridge, bar sink and faucet, and dishwasher to allow guests to self-serve themselves at a walk-up bar in the butler’s pantry.

Finally, the option I prefer is the one that keeps the mess of the preparation and dirty dishes in the butler’s pantry, away from the kitchen where all guests tend to gravitate. This butler’s pantry would be equipped with a dishwasher and makes both prepping the food and cleaning up afterward a breeze.

Butler’s pantries have taken many forms over the years but they still remain one of the hardest working rooms in the home. How would a butler’s pantry work best in your home?


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