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Twin Sheds Bloom Into Garden Bar

Prepare for the backyard entertainment space of your dreams!

The kitchen was featured at the 2023 Summer Artisan Home Tour. Below, is a rendering of the upcoming Garden Bar that will look over the St. Paul Bluffs.


Do you remember our Opulent Revival Transformation that featured a grand white kitchen, a deep blue butler’s pantry, and a gracious mudroom that made its debut at last year’s Artisan Home Tour? Well, our clients did not want to stop there! They enlisted Vujovich to come back and transform their two garden sheds into the entertainment space of their dreams!

One of our favorite things about our clients is that they often complete multi-step projects with Vujovich. Once these St. Paul clients transformed the interior part of their home; they wanted the exterior structures to amplify the space and complement the breathtaking location that sits above the hillside bluffs.

Imagine two identical garden sheds, weathered by time, nestled in lush greenery of a beautiful backyard. For many, they might seem like a lost cause, destined to remain a forgotten storage space. However, for our clients, these humble structures held the potential to become something extraordinary - a striking outdoor bar where they could entertain guests amidst the St. Paul charm. 

There are projects that stand out not just for their functionality, but for the sheer creativity and the vision behind them. This exterior garden bar is one of those. We are taking an unused, cramped space, and turning it into a captivating oasis. With the unique challenge of transforming a garden shed into an entertainment bar, our team channeled their creative synergy. 

"To bring the same level of quality and function to their exterior space, our clients returned to us to design and build an exterior structure for daily living and entertainment for groups of 4 to 400! This project will make a wonderful addition to this home, and we look forward to seeing it come to life,” remarked Christina Rymer, Vujovich Design Director.

The revitalized space will showcase open views from every angle along with motorized vinyl panels that can come down for shelter, a practical Midwest touch. The room is large enough for guests to mingle inside and outside, with a place for a table in the main area when hosting more guests. Unlike your usual garden shed - this special zone will feature a Blackstone grill, a wall of custom cabinetry, refrigeration appliances, and a TV for entertainment. An inviting fireplace is designed perfectly for crisper days, so hosting abilities can extend throughout the fall.

We love being able to transform multiple spaces in our clients' homes, weaving those spaces together with common elements. The garden bar resembles the rest of the home, so yellow side paneling will wrap around the bar, while the ceiling will be beadboard over the grill area to match the porch attached to the home. 

We cannot wait to see this delightful garden bar in action and how much joy it will bring to its owners for outdoor entertaining, Minnesota style!


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