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Transitioning Homes Through Transitional Times

Did you know Vujovich Design Build has a Home Service Division?

Although Vujovich is known for 40+ years of our larger-scale, highly customized, design-build projects; we’re also adept at helping clients make the necessary smaller revisions and repairs to homes throughout the span of their family’s transitions.

This area of our business grew out of our vision of cultivating long-term relationships with our clients and others who live in the neighborhoods we serve – helping people with the smaller adjustments to their homes.

Through the course of this unusual year we’ve found many of our homeowners reaching out for solutions to accommodate their new lifestyles. These include smaller re-works like study areas for the kids, home office expansions to accommodate additional monitors and workstations or improving indoor workout areas now that people are avoiding working out at clubs and gyms.

We’re efficient problem-solvers who love to create solutions for busy families. Please reach out to find out how we can make impactful changes to your home.


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