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Think Outside

The way we dress outwardly can tell a story of our own personality and style. It’s a glimpse into what people might find once they get to know us better. Our homes are no different. Their exterior gives people their first impression of what and/or who resides inside.

Many of us understand the value of “curb appeal” from a real estate perspective as it relates to resale value. We know it’s important to create a positive first impression by having an exterior that is neat, clean and well-maintained. Perhaps we can even see the added value of a walkway and front entry that welcomes you to come see more. But can the exterior of your home give arriving guests an initial glimpse of the personality and people they’ll find inside?

We think so! Our clients come to us for exterior design because they love their homes, and they want to make them better in many ways:

  • They want to be respectful to the original architecture that was built.
  • They look to us to provide lifestyle improvements for themselves and their family’s needs.
  • And, they want to infuse a bit of themselves into the mix – to personalize it.

Bringing your own personality to the exterior of your home can tell people something about who lives there. Are they serious or playful people? Are they subtle or do they like color and surprise? Consider what you want people to think about you as they walk or drive up to your home.

To achieve these changes on the exterior we ask very similar questions to how we approach interior changes, including questions like:

  • Do the finishes, landscaping and decorative adornments reflect your home’s style?
  • What would make your “coming and going” from your home more efficient?
  • How would you like to interact and feel when you’re enjoying your exterior spaces?

These changes can be subtle from decorative pots and shutters to more sweeping architectural enhancements such as detailed trim changes, screen porches, pergolas, and revamped color schemes. Our role at Vujovich is to engage, listen and interpret the best outcome that meets your design criteria, with strategic budget advice to facilitate informed decision-making. It’s Springtime – let’s think outside!


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