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Team Vujovich Continues to Grow

We are delighted to welcome Karie to our team as Design Director! 

Karie is a native Midwesterner and grew up on a Wisconsin farm. Farm life taught Karie that with hard work almost anything is possible. Off the farm, Karie’s maternal grandmother taught her all about style and artistry. Grandma Peg was an artist with many talents, who ultimately inspired Karie to seek a career where she could be creative and help people live their best lives.

You can count on Karie bringing all her knowledge of construction, remodeling, and design experience to the table for your project. Her goal is always to help her clients make the best aesthetic and functional decisions for their spaces. She’s adept at managing chaos with style and grace. Karie keeps it cool and brings her boots--accustomed to complex projects and construction dust.

Karie earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Interior Design from the University of Wisconsin Stout. In her spare time, Karie enjoys spending time with her boys (husband, two young boys, and dog), exploring the city’s cultural, art, and food scene, as well as traveling for experiences and inspiration.


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