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Ready for new beginnings!

It's hard to believe this month marks one year since the pandemic lockdown began. In the months that followed, all our lives and work experienced some pretty dramatic changes.


For Vujovich, we were grateful to have been considered essential workers. With diligence and focused effort, we found that our team’s already-proven ability to be nimble came in very handy – as did our enthusiasm for remodeling. In fact, we found that our careful jobsite management and the many safety precautions we were already implementing allowed us to quickly adapt to the new safety measures.  


And, with all the changes, losses, and hardships we've all endured, we continue to be grateful for our incredible community - our employees, trade partners, suppliers and especially our clients. You’re the motivation and inspiration for us.

Now, as we’re cautiously beginning the transition to post-pandemic life, we welcome the opportunity for the new projects that spring always brings. We especially look forward to the new relationships we’ll build.


With gratitude,

Ed Roskowinski, GM/Owner



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