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Is Design-Build the Answer?

Five Things To Consider

Homeowners often ask us to articulate the advantages of choosing a design-build company such as Vujovich instead of the conventional approach of hiring an architect to draft remodel plans and sending the plans out to a handful of general contractors to bid. With more than 40 years in the design-build industry that is an easy question for us to answer. Vujovich has learned to perfect our design-build process, stay client-focused, and deliver a personalized experience to each of our homeowners.

Here are our top 5 reasons to choose design-build for your remodel needs:

  1. Single Accountability: One team is accountable for everything from start to finish (and beyond). Your Vujovich project team is with you from the start of design through the completion of construction. The same group that designs the project also estimates, schedules, and builds the project. If there is an issue on the project site – and there will be an issue – there is one project team that works to find the best resolution. There is no finger-pointing or arguing in this scenario because everyone is on the same team, not separate entities.

  2. Shorter Timelines: Remodel projects involve many moving parts and pieces. The design-build process is streamlined from start to finish and having one continuous project team avoids taking steps backward in the process, which could lead to higher costs or timeline delays.

  3. Access to Experts: Design-build teams are built with experts in all camps. The design-build team will have expertise representing design, construction, structural engineering, project management, client relations, and more, under one roof. Working with a design-build team means that you won’t need to look for experts on your own, but rather access the experts through the design-build firm’s network of experts.

  4. Transparency: Design-build is an open and transparent process. We want our clients to understand the process thoroughly. We share knowledge and information about projects with our homeowners so they have the information they need to make informed decisions.

  5. Cost Savings: Lastly but maybe most importantly, the design-build model is typically less expensive. Inherent to the design-build model where design, engineering, costing, and planning can be done concurrently, costs can be kept lower as individuals on the same team are able to do more in a shorter timeframe.

    These are just a handful of the benefits of choosing to partner with a design-build when planning your remodel project. As you know the process of remodeling your home can be stressful but it doesn’t have to be chaotic. Our team would love to be your professional guides through the process from start to finish.


The Vujovich team rocks! We cannot tell you how much we have enjoyed working with them. We feel like we have new friends and can’t imagine ever working with anyone else.”  -Karen Z., St. Paul, MN 


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