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We’re thrilled to announce we’ve added Brittany Vogel to the Vujovich design team!

As an Architectural Designer and Drafter, Brittany is incredibly passionate about creating solutions that help families truly experience their living spaces to their full potential.

Brittany grew up in West-Central Minnesota in a turn-of-the-century home built by her great-great grandfather, with bricks hauled by horse and buggy to the homestead. There was always a project going on in her home. Being a part of those projects with her family kick-started Brittany’s interest in construction, and passed on the “handy-hands” trait to yet another generation. 

One of Brittany’s passions is taking the character and beauty of classic homes to heart, with reverence for all the history that homes hold within their walls. She enjoys the excitement of leading the design process with each client, collaborating closely through active listening to the utmost detail. She thrives on creating vignettes of joy in client’s homes.

Brittany earned her Bachelor of Science in Interior Design from The Art Institutes International Minnesota. With more than a decade of home remodeling experience, Brittany is an accomplished designer adept in 3D-modeling that allows clients to envision future spaces.


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