Vujovich News / Edina Magazine, July 2020

Edina Magazine, July 2020

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Start Your Transformation 

The creative, collaborative team at Vujovich cares about building relationships as much as building your perfect home. 

It’s easy to dream big when redesigning and remodeling your home. Vujovich Design Build makes bringing those dreams to fruition just as easy.  

Their team features a wide range of design and business acumen, plus a wealth of multidisciplinary experience. “We take a customer-centric approach to guide homeowners through the design-build process to successfully transform their homes,” says Lori Balestri, who heads the design team. “From the very beginning, we want to connect with our clients to understand their needs in order to bring their personalized vision to light.”  

Homeowners who want to change their spaces often feel stuck and overwhelmed with where to begin. Some homes simply don’t function well and may even add chaos to a family’s routine. Remodeling with Vujovich begins with an open, honest conversation about your needs, what you like about your home and what you want to change.  

After getting to know you, your designer will guide you from concept to completion with an approach based on meaningful connections, deep understanding and intuitive interpretation. Vujovich will be your one-stop shop, and your design director will be your primary contact in orchestrating your home’s transformation. 

“Many clients are clients for life,” says Balestri. “We more than stand by our work.”  

Having decades of experience means the Vujovich team has worked on homes of every style and era. Their seamless remodels blend your home’s inherent charm with updates and additions.  

Whether you have your forever home laid out in your head or just a nagging need for something new, Vujovich is ready to start the conversation and see it through. Though the team loves meeting clients face-to-face, they are well-experienced in designing from a distance, too.  

Every member of Vujovich’s design team is a creative, collaborative problem solver. “We help you every step of the way, working as a trusted guide,” Balestri says. “We treat your home as if it’s our own.”  


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