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Design Trends in 2022

Should You Embrace Trends to Enhance Your Home Remodel?

From magazines to Instagram to Pinterest – there is a flurry of images, materials, and finishes to select from, and as a homeowner, it can be overwhelming! At Vujovich, we believe trends should be used as a guide and inspiration as you move through the design process.  If you continue to gravitate and love a design element, then incorporating it into your home is the right thing to do. 

We believe trends should be used as a guide and inspiration in the design process.

Here are some recent trends that we have seen emerging in 2022:

  • Light and bright with textural elements balanced with warm neutrals.  A shift from the cooler gray tones to a soft glow.
  • A mix of materials from metals to woods.  We love using a mix of metals in plumbing, lighting, and hardware.  A bathroom could have black plumbing fixtures paired with gold or silver light fixtures.  From stained cabinetry to painted finishes together they help bring that custom feel to any home.
  • A monochromatic space. Think darker painted walls, millwork, or paneling that is a backdrop for the main focal points in the room.
  • Materials that are natural and organic in nature.  From copper sinks to subtle wood floors and terracotta tiles, people are embracing the beauty of materials that live and patina over time.  Plumbing fixtures that have living finishes bring out a sense of character like it has a story to tell. As we are spending more and more time at home, we want finishes and materials that work hard for us and become more beautiful as we engage in them.

So yes, if you find yourself returning to a particular trend time and time again, use it as a guide!  But remember that your remodel project should be a reflection of you, and your family as well. You can reflect this with custom elements that make your transformation unique, while also maintaining the integrity of your home. We love adding in a custom base for your vanity, or unique molding that no one is sure if it’s original or new to the home. It's the attention to these details that make your transformation aligned and authentically yours.


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