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A Note from our Production Manager, Chris McGuire

It’s been just over a week since the Governor of Minnesota issued his statement as to how we’ll all move forward in this new time. Part of his mandate deemed certain businesses as “essential” - included in this category are home remodeling firms such as ours. Our governor wants construction work to continue, so that is what we are doing. Our team works remotely as much as we can, but the actual construction work requires us to work within our client’s homes.

What I’ve found interesting during this time is how many of the safety measures we’ve always used are in alignment with the current protocols for staying healthy. Here are just a few examples:

  • Posting and communicating very specific, updated job site rules and safety measures
  • Incorporating the CDC cleaning procedures to our already highly-recognized attention to job site cleanliness
  • Continuing the use of negative air machines to continue to ensure that the dust debris and other contaminates exit the home (hospitals are starting to implement this)
  • Minimizing impact and intrusionat the home - such as constructing exterior staircases to minimize movement through the home and lessen our footprint 

We have a number of projects in construction, and our homeowners are counting on us to complete this work. As always, our mindset is to treat our clients’ homes as we would our own. We’re especially diligent now with a close eye and attention on any steps we can take to keep everyone safe.


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