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Stillwater, MN

Bringing the 90s Back to Life

In the ever-evolving home design and architecture world, we often find ourselves at a crossroads between nostalgia and modernity. The 1990s, with its distinctive blend of trends and styles, represents an era that holds a special place in many homeowners' hearts. However, in home design, the '90s left us with some dated aesthetics that may not align with our current tastes and needs. With critical updates to the exterior, kitchen, pantry, laundry, and mudroom plus a new upper-level junior suite, this Stillwater remodel is bringing an energetic boost to this home’s modern livability. 

This family of five yearned for a home that was more conducive to their three kids and busy lifestyle. The spaces were outdated and had no function. The mudroom was too small, with zero storage space. The laundry room was tired and lacked space. The kitchen was stuck in the 90s- with cherry oak cabinets and golden oak floors. This home was in dire need of a function and aesthetic update. 

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Light & Airy

An outdated fireplace that once was an eyesore now houses as a comfortable spot for friends and family to gather. The neutral color palette and new windows give this space the refreshment it was hoping for.

Seamless Transitions

The connection between the kitchen & the living room was very important. The new island’s seamless flow to the living room encourages the family to gather in multiple rooms, creating an environment where everyone can engage all at once.

Unique Corners

The remodeled kitchen features two-toned cabinets with a custom hood & durable backsplash from mosaÏque surface. The walnut island now seats five, & is unique in its shape for informal dining where the family can talk and share stories.

Hidden Spaces

The new pantry brings great design and function to the space, offering dedicated storage for dry goods and beverages. Adding hidden pocket doors provides a clever solution for discreetly concealing this space from view when hosting guests.

Functional Storage

Prior to remodeling, this space was cramped & tired. There were no locker cubbies for personal belongings. With a family that is coming & going from sports & after-school functions- they needed a mudroom that gave them what they were lacking-storage.

Pet Friendly Additions

A small addition to the side of the house helped revamp the laundry room. Our team added custom cabinets and created a dedicated dog washing station—fulfilling our clients' desire for a pet-friendly space.

Small Touches

The small extension to the side of the house not only enhanced the mudroom & laundry- but made space for a more functional powder. Reconfiguring this space created a practical path throughout the house- & the vibrant wallcovering is a bonus too.

A Feminine Touch

With cramped storage and a daughter's wish to have a bathroom of her own, an updated junior suite with a bathroom addition was the perfect fix. The new addition was created by closing off the two-story entryway.

From Dated to Upgraded!

“As We Evolve, Our Homes Should Too.” – Susan Tucker


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