• Dyanne C.

    Edina, MN

    If I had it to do over again, I would choose Vujovich again in a heartbeat. You guys are amazing and I feel really blessed that we found you.

  • Client's Neighbor

    Edina, MN

    You should win a beautification award, this house was a sleeper, I love what you’ve done. The proportions, the exterior, the new windows, everything!

  • Lori S.

    Edina, MN

    Friends were so impressed with how organized the space was at the end of each work day - You know that's not normal right?

  • Deborah E.

    Edina, MN

    You’ve given us a beautiful new home. I would have never thought it could go so smoothly and turn out so well!

  • Tam M.

    Roseville, MN

    Not too many people find such a large remodel “enjoyable,” but Vujovich made it a fun and positive experience for me.

  • Steve W.

    Minneapolis, MN

    The complexity of the architectural woodwork and level of finish was such that it left no doubt in my mind that we would work with them again.

  • Joanne P.

    Long Lake, MN

    We have come to expect the exceptional work Vujovich provides. As we entertain guests in our home, we have learned not all companies are equal.

  • Paula L.

    Minneapolis, MN

    We completed our project having an enormous amount of respect for the Vujovich Team.

  • Gayle S.

    Minneapolis, MN

    Saw a sign in 1986 and have used them on seven major projects. My house recently sold in three days and I attribute that to the work Vujovich has done over the years.

  • Gayle S.

    Minneapolis, MN

    What I like best about my relationship with Vujovich? Feels like good friends!

  • Jennifer B.

    Minneapolis, MN

    We had no idea a Design Build organization could be so professional and respectful to our home and family during the construction process.

  • Pat & Ron G.

    Edina, MN

    Our dreams of how Christmas would work in our home all came true. Thanks for making our home extra special for all of us.

  • Tim L.

    Minneapolis, MN

    Once again, great work. We could not be more happy. The Force is strong with you.

  • Kristi M.

    Afton, MN

    Some of the firms we interviewed wanted to build more than we needed. I felt comfortable and confident working with Vujovich immediately.

  • Steve W.

    Mound, MN

    Overall the cumulative effect for us is always...wow...couldn’t be more pleased.

  • Karen Z.

    St. Paul MN

    The Vujovich team rocks! We cannot tell you how much we have enjoyed working with them. We feel like we have new friends and can't imagine ever working with anyone else.

  • Dianne P.

    Minneapolis, MN

    I talked to Vujovich and they just got it.

  • Mike D.

    Edina, MN

    I would not change a thing. I don't want to go anywhere anymore. I want to spend all my vacations at home.


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