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Why Certification Matters

Chances are if you’ve been looking for remodeling contractors, you are looking for a trusted expert in the field. Besides testimonials, certifications are another great indicator that you are working with a good partner.

We are proud to announce our carpenter, Mitch Stafford, has received his NARI Certified Lead Carpenter (CLC) Certification.  NARI Certifications were developed to recognize highly experienced remodeling professionals, capable of planning and managing complex remodeling projects and client satisfaction. The CLC Certification is designed for experienced field professionals that oversee the technical aspects of projects, including personnel management and material flow.   

NARI Certification is a robust and challenging process, reserved only for those remodeling professionals who demonstrate extensive expertise in their field and pass the rigorous screening and testing process! Candidates are required to prove participation in education courses, meeting the minimum Continuing Education Units (CEU), as outlined by each specific certification. They are also subjected to a comprehensive review by NARI Certification staff to assure all program pre-requisites are met and the candidate is eligible for certification. Finally, all candidates must undergo and pass a rigorous examination of up to 200 questions, overseen by an examination proctor adhering to strict integrity criteria. Whew!

Did you know that NARI is the only trade association dedicated solely to the remodeling industry? The association is comprised of high-quality remodeling professionals that are committed to integrity, high standards, professional education, and ethics.  The core purpose of NARI is to advance and promote the remodeling industry’s professionalism, product, and vital public purpose and we are proud to be among them.

Congratulations, Mitch! 


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