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Condominium Remodels

Personalize Your Space

The canvas is compact, yet the possibilities are endless.


Wishing to upgrade your space but you live in a condo? Vujovich has remodeled these spaces in the past and we are here to give you the best tips on where to start. Condominium renovations are the perfect way to take an ordinary space and make it your own.  

Most condos are built with a standard blueprint and lack customized features. A remodel can add personalized touches to your space. There are many benefits to living in a condominium- less maintenance, amenities like pools and fitness centers, the security of living close to other people, and no need to cut grass or clean gutters. 

However, living in a condominium also means you have additional responsibilities. Yes, you can remodel your own unit, but it is part of a community that has more rules than a home in a neighborhood might have. So, before you begin, it is important to know the renovation rules for where you live. Talk with your management company before starting to learn about guidelines- such as architectural considerations, material requirements, and electrical or plumbing restrictions. By being aware of these rules, you can ensure a smooth renovation process! 

When working with our team, we will incorporate these topics into the remodeling process: 

Maximize Space  

The space in your condominium is probably limited. Focus on maximizing the available space by incorporating smart storage solutions, utilizing multifunctional furniture, and opting for space-saving design elements. Custom cabinetry in the kitchen is a wonderful way to add design elements to your condominium, but also provide hidden storage for your space. 

Functional Design Elements 

It is important to prioritize functionality alongside the aesthetics. Consider how you will utilize each area, and work with our team to make sure that your design choices enhance the practicality of the space. 

Choosing professionals vs. DIY 

When renovating a condominium, there are a lot of aspects to consider, such as what you want to take on yourself versus what would be better left to our team. With years of experience and a deep pool of valuable resources, Vujovich designers can help make the job easier and will ensure the work is done right. Our team of skilled craftspeople is dedicated to creating beautiful and functional spaces.  

If you are ready to be inspired and envision your condominium in a whole new light, reach out to our team to start your remodeling journey. Condo living has its own charm, and there is something unique about its remodeling process. The canvas is compact, yet the possibilities are endless. From cozy studios to large penthouses, these personal spaces have a lot of potential, waiting to be created. 

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